Internet: Now you have a Choice!

There is more to the internet than Cable and telephone providers. Its a new Wireless world and Tekwerks leads the way.

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When it comes to internet, for home or business, if you look, there is a choice. Today, the internet services market is dominated by three providers and two choices. Verizon, AT&T, and whatever cable service you have on the provider side, and either stand-alone or Bundled services. It may seem cheaper at first, but going with the “big guys” is not always the best choice in the long run. Ill try to make that case.


Well, even though I said three providers really people have just two, their local phone company and their local cable company. Everyone else, and there are a few of us left, are called Independent ISP’s. We are the people who have to either deliver your internet by leasing someone elses wires, or deliver it wireless. Us independents are at a marked disadvantage. First, we arent the “big boys” so some people don’t trust us. Second, we have to lease those lines, and the providers we lease from can charge us whatever they want. Often our prices are higher because of this. Third, we don’t have the marketing muscle of a Verizon or AT&T, so we often have to rely on the ingenuity of our clients to search us out.


Further complicating our mission to serve our clients with the best stuff available, is the penchant for the big providers to bundle their service. You might have expierenced this. The cable provider will give you the full preimum cable package, a 10mb internet connection, two phone numbers with long distance and a toaster for some eye popping low low price. This is something that only they can manage because all the infrastructure is theirs. And it ties each customer into a multi year contract with little setup if any for 60% of their customers. While the monthly price seems nice at first, it often goes up and it also ties you to a single point of failure. If the phones go out, so does the internet and the television. Oh well…

So at this point you might be asking, how does a little provider like us keep the doors open? Well, in a word, service. you see, after so many years we do get a bit of a discount, and we can be competitive on most of the services. But when your running a business, Netflix is not your main issues at the office. You need the lines running from 7am to 7pm daily, and sometimes 24×7. you may have dozens of computers with issues that cause your ISP to shut down your service, or misdirect your email or web sites without your input. We help out with these issues and keep you running. When you need us, just call. We answer the phone usually on the second ring. We are located here, in the same hemisphere as you. When you call us frustrated panicked and loosing money because your internet is down, we wont say things like “how can I provide you excellent service today” or “I’m sorry I can’t help you with that. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?” rather we get down to troubleshooting and solving your issue without passing the buck. And we will explain the results so you understand what happened. We offer services that help your business, like static IP addresses, email / web / domain hosting and registration. Since we started with the internet and have grown with it, we have an understanding of what you need as a business customer to get things rolling and keep them there. Besides, were not the ” Big Guys”. were the regular guys!

Internet is increasingly a mission critical service for todays business. Partnering with a team like Tekwerks, who can not only deliver a quality IP service, but who can help you integrate the internet with your business and help you move your company into the internet age can be the best option. Even if you dont get HBO with the package!



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