About Tekwerks

Our History

Humble Beginnings

Just like all the good tech companies, Tekwerks was started in a garage. Tom Ross, founder and CEO, made it his mission to break free from the tyranny of large corporations, and provide the best service the only way he knew how, by doing it himself.

Today Tekwerks has grown from a one person small business to company with two subsidiaries providing Internet services and IT services located in the city of San Fernando. Our mission is to help other small and medium businesses get connected with a reliable and affordable internet service, deliver a fast and knowledgeable IT service that will help keep them running and get an edge on their competition. Your success is ours, and Tekwerks will do all we can to provide all our customers the best experience possible!

The core mission at Tekwerks is to deliver unique and innovative solutions utilizing the best of available technologies and services to help our businesses customers grow.

How we were named?

  • Tekwerks’ name is derived from a love of music and technology
    • Inspired by the band name Kraftwerk
      • Tom, our founder, used the name Kraftwerk to develop the Tekwerks identity
        • The asthetic in the first logo for the company came to life in 1996

        Over the years we have become certified as dealers or repair for many manufacturers. We not only sell this gear, but we maintain a close relationship with the technical engineers and sales people so we can deliver the best solutions for your project at great price points. Win-Win!!

        Our Creditation:

        • Certified Los Angeles Small Local Business Enterprise
          • Erate Certified, SPIN number available upon request
            • Listed with Dunn and Bradstreet

            Certified and Authorized Partnerships



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