About Tekwerks

Technology has always epitomized the dream of the “future”, robot maids, flying cars, and space hotels were our dreams of the future. While all dreams don’t come true, the future has arrived by way of some pretty nice computers, not to mention some sweet tablets and phones among other cool gadgets. Tekwerks has been helping businesses and individuals work with all this new gear since way back in 1986. By understanding how all this technology really works, what is needed to deliver on the promise it provides, and how to make it work within your business and personal environment, is where Tekwerks shines. And now that the internet is such an integral part of every device we use, we have the experience and services available to make the most of this synergy.

The internet has become an essential business service, and Tekwerks has been there since the beginning. Our ISP division started in 1999 and has since helped hundreds of customers, both business and personal, with all manor of internet and web services. Check out our Internet page to see what services we offer and the depth of experience we have. Remember, you do have a choice, another option for internet.

With our years of experience, close relationships with our represented manufacturers, and a knowledge of how technology can work for business, Tekwerks is your best choice for technology partner. Give us a call today to see how Tekwerks can work for you.


Connecting through Technology


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