Jun 2011

Break Cylinder

Its so nice to actually accomplish something. I have been working lately on small parts of the Jeep that I can complete without spending anything. Funds are impossible to come by these days. I am saving up for a new air compressor, so getting anything but the cheapest parts will be a challenge.

The other day I pulled out the master cylinder and took a look at it. So rusted and dirty was it that i could not get out the parts from within the cylinder area. I have never worked on or even examined a master cylinder before so as is with most things on this project, this was another adventure. The parts, while quiet lubed up with old break fluid, were really frozen. All attempts to remove the internal springs and pistons were impossible because there is nothing to grab on to. I decided to soak it with a variety of sprays, including WD40, and some strange garage door anti-squeak, and let it sit for a while. I then got a real fat punch, and began tapping on the spring side of the piston (left side in the photo).

The disasembled Master Cyllinder

Amazingly the right cylinder finally popped out! As you might be able to see from the photo, the area surrounding the piston is full of gunk, almost like a greesy mold goop. Like I said above, its great to finish something that seemed impossible! Next week i hope to clean it up and get it ready for painting. Ill post some photos of the cleaned and finished product.