Tekwerks Internet

Tekwerks Internet is your local, fully independent, and full-service ISP. Our internet services are as good or better than the "big guys", and what you get with Tekwerks Internet is a reliable team of professional tech's to answer your questions, to assist with your problems, and deliver the best service available.

Wireless Internet, The New way to get your Internet

The Tekwerks Internet Wireless service is different than what you might be used to for internet service. Most providers deliver their service to your home or business by using existing copper wire, phone lines or cable TV wire. Often times this service is unreliable, especially in dense urban areas, like Los Angeles! The Tekwerks Wireless Service is in the air, all around us, and by simply placing a small dish on your roof, we can deliver to you high speed services without worrying about the telephone poles and how many people on your block are using the internet. And because we are a small local provider, we can respond quickly to issues, in hours, not days or weeks. All at a price that makes your bank account happy!

Tekwerks Wired internet Options
Tekwerks Internet has been offering internet services for over 15 years. We can deliver internet to your home or business through a variety of services should you be located outside our wireless coverage area. We offer traditional DSL services in speeds up to 20mb x 2mb, Ethernet-over-copper services, T1, T3, DS3 and more. A key advantage of our service it that when you order Tekwerks Internet, you are getting internet that is not shared by millions of users. Since we are small, and independent, our network is clear and unobstructed. Even though our wired service uses local carriers, the internet we connect to is independent of the big crowded carriers. Call today to see how Tekwerks internet can help you.

Tekwerks Fiber, for the serious business users
When only fast, bit dedicated, internet speed is needed, or if you have multiple locations you need to connect to, Tekwerks Internet has a solution. Our internet engineers can help you and your IT department design a network that can solve your business connectivity issues. Whither you need 100mb, 10gb, or need dark fiber solutions, Call Tekwerks First!!

Call us today to see if we can deliver to you the best new service on the internet!