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Why choose Tekwerks Internet?

A Small Business Like You

Today small businesses are second class citizens when it comes to the big internet providers. Hours on the phone, days before service arrives, poor service in many areas. Tekwerks changes all that. Were a small business too and we understand that often a reliable connection can mean profit for that week or none. So our tech’s are responsive, our speeds and pricing take you needs into account, and were eager to make you happy with our service.

Not Just Internet

Tekwerks understands the technology you plug into our network. Unlike some of the big providers, our on site crews have experience in business networks and can help install and design just the proper network hardware and connections to fit your needs. Internet wont help your company if you cant run your equipment on the network.


Because over 80% of our customers are businesses were sensitive to any interruption in service. Tekwerks is constantly upgrading and investing in redundancy measures to make our network and your connection as close to 100% as possible. And if there is a problem, we are the most responsive provider in the industry, with most issues taking only minutes to resolve, not days.


Tekwerks is a small business with a local focus. Wherever we setup our internet service we do our best to help our customers build their business not just by using the latest technologies, but by providing support, tools and contacts where we can.  Tekwerks and Tekwerks Internet can be your technology partner.  Don’t take our word for it, click here to view our yelp page and read what our customers think!

Tekwerks offers internet though standard methods; DSL, cable, and fibre, but our specality is delivering high speed internet without wires. We built, own and operate our own wireless network to deliver internet to your home our business. Big companies try to deliver 21st century digital services over 20thcentury technology. The Tekwerks wireless network is built to deliver the best services and speeds.

Utilizing the beautiful hills and valleys of Los Angeles, we are able to deploy internet to areas that often feel left behind by the big guys. Ever had a multi billion dollar company say they can’t service your area? Look no further. We are here to help. Now, we can’t promise service to everyone, but we will do everything we can to get you hooked up!


Every customer has different needs. Below are three examples of the types of internet service we offer via wireless. Internet is a completely independent ISP, meaning we are not reselling the services or network of another provider. We have built and manage our entire network. We focus on bringing high quality internet with a personal touch to every customer. You get the speed you pay for. No fine print, no hidden fees.

$49.95Per Month

Business Standard

  • 20mb x 5mb -- New High-Speed !!
  • $150 Install Fee
  • Free Router Configuration
  • Hookup within Days
  • Discounts for up front Payment
  • Walk-in payment available
  • Get Qualified

$99Per Month

Business Extended

  • 40mb x 5mb
  • $150 install fee
  • No Monthly Contract
  • Hookup within Days
  • Discounts for up front Payment
  • Walk-in payment available
  • Get Qualified

$895Per Month


  • 100mb x 100m
  • $500 install Fee
  • Annual Contracts
  • Fiber Quality Service
  • Guaranteed service options
  • Installation within 14 days!
  • Get Qualified

*All Speeds and Services are subject to Site Survey and availability.
Some speeds may require more equipment, additional fee’s; licensed frequencies available;
Call today to find out how we can help your business thrive on the internet.



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