Internet Pricing

Tekwerks Internet is a full service ISP with a wide range of methods to deliver you high speed internet. In most areas we can deliver DSL for business and residential. We also offer a suite of cable, EOC, T1, and fiber options for the business that needs bit-dedicated bandwidth. If you are in the northeast valley, your best option is Metro Wireless service, the best in the business. Fast, reliable, affordable, and Tekwerks manages the network from point to point. Take a look at our pricing and call today to qualify your home or office.

Residential Wireless Service

Tekwerks Internet for Residential. When DSL or Cable can't deliver the quality and performance you need our service may be the answer. We now offer one fast reliable speed for all residential clients. Call today or fill our our Qualification form and get started Today!

Residential Service Features:

Fast reliable network
Installation Fee just $100.00
No annual contract, Prices quoted are month-to-month
Referral program! Save up to $50.00 for every new customer who mentions your name.

Residential Base Service

49.00 /month

20mb x 3mb

One price gets you fast streaming, Internet Phone Capable, and no-hassle monthly pricing.

Business Wireless Service

Tekwerks Internet provide our business clients a wide range of internet connection options. High speed data, symmetrical service, and direct connect/point to point/ leased dark fiber. Whatever your needs, from the simple connection to the state-wide multiple site, Tekwerks Internet can be your internet partner helping you to build your internet infrastructure.

Business Service Features

Standard Installation Fee of $150.00 (Just Lowered!!) Static IP address (Multiple Addresses Available). 1mb Burst upstream and downstream. No monthly contract commitment. Friendly, business focused support. Discounts available for contracts and quarterly payments.

Business Basic

49.00 /Month

Speeds from 10mb to 100mb

Even our basic speed of 10x5 is more than enough for the small business. Get Qualified today to find out how Tekwerks can help your company grow.